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PCI Booking named most promising payment and card solution provider

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Modern companies must offer multiple payment methods to satisfy the preferences of a diverse customer base. Partnering with a payment processing expert enables businesses to meet these demands while providing an efficient user experience. 

PCI Booking’s relentless innovation and comprehensive approach to integrating with multiple payment providers make it a one-stop shop for all payment processes. 

Central to its offerings is Orchestra, a cutting edge payment platform designed to simplify and optimize the payment process from start to finish. Connectivity is offered across every payment method, whether credit and debit cards, digital wallets or bank transfers. 

“Orchestra’s capability across different payment gateways through a single integration makes it the most accurate product in the market,” says Eyal Nevo, CEO. 

Orchestra gathers card details and establishes connectivity to the payment processor as requested when a merchant initiates a payment. For example, a vendor looking to expand operations into different countries with distinct payment preferences can simply perform a one-time integration with the platform for processing transactions. 

Multi-factor authentication processes prevent fraudulent transactions involving card payments while providing secure storage and tokenization of sensitive payment data. Credit card numbers are substituted with special tokens to safeguard customer information throughout the transaction. 

The fragmentation of payment services across numerous players makes managing integrations difficult, diverting their resources away from core business activities. Every transaction avenue requires integration with a multitude of vendors, each owning different protocols. PCI Booking addresses this concern through Orchestra’s unified API, which also enables merchants to adjust payment flows to align with market and location nuances. The platform is a single point of contact for all payment gateways, digital wallets, bank transfers and 3D secure authentication services.

In the travel and hospitality industries, in particular, businesses need to be highly sensitive about handling card information and ensuring customer payment records are secure. PCI Shield offers time-tested payment security that safeguards payment processes by completely removing details from systems and staying out of the scope of compliance. Regulating payment data in compliance with industry standards minimizes risks associated with potential breaches and unauthorized access.

All its offerings facilitate a uniform payment experience for clients across diverse sectors. A case in point is an eSIM provider that partnered with an airline company to develop a business model where travelers were offered ancillary services, such as finding a suitable eSIM for travel when they visited the airline’s website to book flights. Opting for the services directed them to the eSIM provider’s page, which had complete access to the travel information to curate the most relevant package. Both web pages were styled to match each other, creating a cohesive user experience. 

PCI Booking was approached to create a customized form that provided support for different payment gateways and processors to secure the best rates across regions. Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported to enable individuals to purchase an eSIM inside an aircraft. The solution also needed to be secure and compliant with two-factor authentication. It addressed all requirements through a simple API. The integration process was efficient and completed in just a few hours. 

Another instance involves a marketing company specializing in hotel website development facing difficulties in integrating with diverse payment gateways like Stripe, Shift4 and Worldpay. Limited transaction options hindered their sales process, resulting in missed opportunities. PCI Booking provided over 70 payment gateway connections, eliminating the need for salespersons to ask hotel management about preferred payment gateways and resulting in increased sales volumes. 

Driving innovation and efficiency at every stage of payment processing propels PCI Booking to evolve and expand alongside clients. Its commitment to adaptability cements its position as a reliable partner for payment orchestration that meets the surging demand for diverse payment choices.

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