The PCI Shield Proxy service allows you to connect and send and receive messages to and from partners and third parties – all while not touching any credit card data in your system.

Tokenization and Detokenization

Tokenization and detokenization through our Proxy happens on-the-fly and with no changes required from your partner.

Our PCI Proxy can handle any type of request and any type of message format that you need to process and support as many endpoints and targets as you need.


Tokenization & Detokenization

On-The-Fly Tokenization

Whether you pull credit card data from your partners or your partners push the data to you, our on-the-fly tokenization can process the message from your partner, extract the card details, store it in our PCI vault and provide you with the token – all while leaving the rest of the message untouched.

On-The-Fly Detokenization

When sending card details to your partners, or when your partners retrieve card details from your servers, our on-the-fly detokenization allows your servers to send out the token for the card and our PCI Proxy will replace the token with the raw card details in all relevant locations in the message.Your partner then gets the complete message sent to them.

On-The-Fly FTP uploads and downloads

When working with a remote FTP, FTPS or SFTP server, whether downloading or uploading files, our PCI Proxy can process the file to remove you from risk.
Tokenize or detokenize hundreds of credit card details in one go with a simple set up in PCI Booking.