Protect all your sensitive information


PCI Booking’s Data Tokenization uses the technology developed to keep payment information secure and adopts it for use across all data files. Ransomware attacks demonstrate the havoc that losing access to your customers data, even if it’s not payment information, can wreak.

Thwart the cyber criminals

The success of technology such as Tokenization in preventing the exposure of payment information, the crown jewel of any data breach, has forced cyber criminals to move towards of model of accessing and then ransoming great swathes of data previously thought as of a lower sensitivity. With PCI Booking, you can give all of your data the same level of security that payment information receives. 

Protect all your file types

Data Tokenization protects all your sensitive data by tokenizing what is captured. In practice, the data is replace by a “token” which you can then work with in the place of the original data. In the event of a breach, the cyber criminals will find meaningless tokens in the place of the sensitive data. 

Secured in PCI Booking's Vault

Files are uploaded to PCI Booking’s servers, where they stored secured on your behalf.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware, the scourge of industry, is rapidly becoming the darling of the fraudster at the expense of organizations the world over. Recent high-profile cases suggest that ransomware fraudsters are experiencing continued success in their aim to extort money.

The fraudsters are also increasingly stealing data before encryption, helped by evasion tactics, then using these data to enforce a ransom payment and to commit further fraud. What better way to counter these cyber-attackers than to play them at their own game and make the data useless to them?


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