Lock Down Payment Security With PCI Shield

Protect your customers’ payment information by ensuring it is secured with the highest level of PCI compliance.


Making Credit Card Security Simple

In the dynamic world of online transactions, purchases and reservations, where payment details are at the heart of every transaction, ensuring the utmost security for your customers’ payment data is paramount. In any automated interaction between two parties, the need for secure handling of sensitive credit card information is clear.

Our PCI Shield product is your tailored solution to safeguard your payment processes. It’s designed to revolutionize and simplify the way you handle card data. By adopting PCI Shield, you can completely remove all payment card data from your systems, resulting in being taken out of PCI compliance scope entirely. This approach doesn’t just ease the burden of compliance but also drastically mitigates risks to your business and saves you money.

Key Features of PCI Shield

  • Tokenization and Detokenization: We employ cutting-edge tokenization techniques to replace full payment information with secure tokens, effectively eliminating PCI scope. Our detokenization ensures that you can use this data whenever needed without compromising security. Integrating with a third party to pass card details is simple and secure.
  • Card Forms: Easily embed our card forms into your website or send a link to the customer directing them to a custom card form, enabling you to take payments online securely and easily without exposing your systems to risk.
  • Unlimited Secure Card Storage: Our platform allows you to securely store payment card data for as long as necessary, giving you flexibility in handling prepaid, postpaid and recurring transactions all in one place.
  • Universal Payment Processing: With our Universal Payment Gateway API, you can easily use any payment gateway – or multiple payment gateways – as required by your application with one single integration.


How PCI Shield works

All aspects of your workflow made compliant.


Capture customer payment information without exposing your underlying application systems to PCI scope. The use of tokens in place of unsecured full payment information leaves you out of PCI scope.

Store & Manage

PCI Booking securely stores the captured data for the duration of the booking, allowing you to safely view the complete data within the PCI Booking Portal up until the moment of charging the card.

Charge & Transmit

Charge the card using your preferred method through our Universal Payment Gateway. With a single integration you can add support for new payment gateways instantly.

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For robust, customizable, and time-tested payment security in the travel industry, trust PCI Shield by PCI Booking. Elevate your payment security, minimize your PCI compliance scope, and fortify your payments today.