Remove all payment information from all internal systems

Protect your customers’ payment information by ensuring it is secured with the highest level of PCI compliance.


Payment Security for the Travel Industry

Regardless of your position in the reservation-making chain, your organization probably needs to handle credit cards all the time – collecting cards for guarantees, charging cards for deposits or full charges, passing them on to your partners and more. Our PCI Shield product offers OTAs, TMCs, Hotels and hotel chains, CRSs, PMSs, Channel Managers and other providers solutions to remove all payment card data from all of their systems, dramatically reducing your scope of PCI compliance and the risk to your business.

Our solution includes tokenization and detokenization, card by link, card form, unlimited secure card storage and processing tools to allow viewing, transmitting and charging stored cards.


How PCI Shield works

All aspects of your workflow made compliant.


Capture customer payment information without exposing your underlying application systems to PCI scope.

The use of tokens in place of unsecured full payment information leaves you out of PCI scope.

Store & Manage

PCI Booking securely stores the captured data for the duration of the booking, allowing you to safely view the complete data within the PCI Booking Portal up until the moment of charging the card.

Charge & Transmit

Charge the card using your preferred method through our Universal Payment Gateway.

With a single integration you can add support for new payment gateways instantly.


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