About Us

The team offering PCI Booking all started out together at another company providing a service of online faxes. While securing online faxes – some of them needed to be kept under PCI compliance regulations as they contained credit card data, we realized that there is a need to properly manage (or orchestrate) all of the features, functions and services relating to payments.

We began working on a solution and in 2016 we released the first iteration of the PCI Shield product to the travel industry. An industry that, unlike any other, requires a great deal of interconnectivity between different entities to relay reservation details – along with credit card details.

As more and more customers came on board, the product reshaped to address any and all functions related to payments. By the end of 2017, we were also processing more than 2M cards per month. By the end of 2018, 3M cards, by the end of 2019, 4M cards and by the end of 2021 (following a big drop in usage in 2020), nearly 6M cards per month.

In 2018, the faxing company was acquired and PCI Booking was spun out to be a standalone company. In 2021 we started working on the next phase of our product – “Orchestra”. Orchestra offers the same great services and features as PCI Shield but in a more generic way to fit all industries and all use cases.

PCI Booking is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland and has offices in several locations around the world; and our clients are in every continent (except for Antarctica – let’s face it, no need for credit cards there).