Get Secure Credit Card Storage With PCI Shield Vault

Your merchants have a legitimate reason to store cardholder data, but are you taking the right precautions to protect their customers from unauthorized card use? With our PCI Shield Vault, you can store all necessary cards while protecting payment data to prevent theft.

Safe Vault

The Importance of the Credit Card Storage Process

Proper PCI credit card storage benefits you, your business, and your customers. By ensuring that your system follows PCI compliance requirements and best practices, your business is protected from liability and your merchants are protected from a breach. With the proper PCI credit card storage platform, you can manage and store cardholder data efficiently and seamlessly.

PCI Vault Features

PCI Shield Card Vault allows you to store and manage an unlimited number of cards while protecting data from theft with one simple, PCI compliant credit card storage API. Our PCI credit card storage vault allows you to collect card details from your customers—and you only have to integrate your payment flow once.

Customizable CVV Storage

PCI Shield Card Vault is equipped with customizable CVV storage features that give you the flexibility to decide how long to store secure information, who has access and for what purpose and how much card information you’d like to retrieve and display, from retrieving non-secure card information to fully displaying the raw card information.

Secure Card Transmission

Secure card transmission ensures that requests to service providers go through the vault, allowing you to send and receive messages to and from partners and third parties—without touching credit card data in your system. Our PCI Shield Proxy service uses tokenization and detokenization without requiring changes from your partner.

Card Tokenization

PCI Shield Card Vault uses tokenization to substitute secure card details, including the CVV code, with a token that prevents theft. Each token in PCI Shield represents a full card, including the PAN number, CVV expiration date, name, and card type. You can securely store as little or as much information about the card as you need, all within one token. PCI Shield tokens aren’t reversible, so they’re meaningless to anyone but you when used within the system.

PCI Card Storage Is Simple With Shield

PCI card storage has never been a simple process—until now. With our PCI Shield Vault, you can take the pressure off your shoulders and leave compliance frustrations to the experts. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our PCI professionals.

Cloud Sharing

PCI Shield is also designed with a cloud-sharing feature that allows you to share stored cards with your partners securely—but that’s not all. With the PCI Shield Cloud, you can share card information safely by giving your customers access to our custom portals.

Card Updates

Updating stored card information is seamless with PCI Shield. Our simple API keeps your stored information up-to-date at all times, allowing you to edit the card’s expiration date or CVV automatically from the card owner or with our account updater service.


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