Storage and Management

With the PCI Shield Vault, you can store all the cards you need. There are no limits on how many cards you can store and for how long you can store them. 

Each token in PCI Shield represents a full card – PAN / number, expiration date, name, card type, etc. You can store as little or as much information about the card as you need – all within the same token.

Additional information such as virtual card details and 3D Secure authentication can be stored within the same token as well!

Safe Vault


The PCI Shield lets you manage all of your stored cards through a simple API:

Retrieve card details or card metadata

With the PCI Shield API, customers have the flexibility to decide how much information they would like to retrieve on a card – from retrieving the non-secure information of the card to fully displaying the raw card information (read more).

Update stored card information

The PCI Shield API allows you to keep your stored cards up-to-date at all times – you can update the card’s expiration date or CVV from the card owner or you can update the card automatically through our account updater service.

Share card information in the cloud

The PCI Shield cloud offers customers the ability to share their stored cards with their partners and customers who are either PCI Booking customers themselves or were provided access by you through our custom portals.

Query, Copy and Delete

Our APIs provide customers with the ability to query their stored cards, duplicate them and delete them at any time. After all, it is your data – you should be able to manage and control it!


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