One straightforward integration for all your payment gateways


Often, merchants need to use multiple payment gateways: sometimes, to reduce the high cost of transactions; sometimes, to use a local payment gateway for a regional transaction.

With PCI Booking’s Universal Payment Gateway, you can add support for new payment gateways instantly. All you need to do is to integrate once. PCI Booking does the rest.

Prefer to keep your existing card storage solution?

Companies that are already have a card storage solution can use PCI Booking’s UPG service in order to process a charge by providing full credit card details. With one simple integration of the PCI Booking API, you will get access to a robust and varied list of payment gateway options to use whenever the need arises.

Don’t see your preferred payment gateway on the list? Simply contact our team and we can add it at no charge.


Supported payment gateways

We currently support leading payment gateways, and are continually adding new ones. If you would like PCI Booking to add a specific payment gateway, please email, sales@pcibooking.net


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