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PCI Booking offers seamless integration with leading payment gateways like AMEX, empowering businesses to streamline payment processing and enhance revenue growth. By leveraging PCI Booking’s robust platform, you can easily vault and tokenize payment methods, transact payments securely, and tap into new business opportunities through AMEX’s extensive network.


American Express (AMEX) is a globally recognized financial services company trusted by millions of individuals and businesses. Renowned for its credit card, charge card, and travel services, AMEX is committed to providing exceptional customer service, innovative payment solutions, and financial growth opportunities. Headquartered in New York City, AMEX is dedicated to advancing commerce through secure and reliable financial services.


Why Use PCI Booking to Charge Through AMEX?

Excellent question! There are several situations where there is no need, but if you find that any of these situations and use cases fit you, then you would benefit greatly from processing payments through PCI Booking to AMEX:

Need to process some transactions through AMEX and some transactions through other payment processors.

Need to tokenize and store cards outside of the AMEX system; in order to have the option, later on, of processing a payment through a different processor.

Need to send the card to AMEX for charging but also forward the card details to a third party.

Need to receive the card details from third parties; not just from the customer?

Need to offer additional payment methods to the payer that AMEX does not cover?

Ready to take advantage of AMEX and streamline your payment processing?