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Secure Your Data With Tokenization & Detokenization

At PCI Booking, we redefine security through tokenization and detokenization solutions. Tokenization involves replacing sensitive card details with a non-secure identifier (token) to securely store complete card information. PCI Shield introduces tokens that are non-reversible, rendering them incomprehensible to any entity except authorized users within the PCI Booking system.

Detokenization, the inverse of tokenization, restores a token to its original form—extracting complete card details securely from our vault.

Our tokenization and detokenization services intercept messages before they reach or just after they depart from your system, parses the message and then extracts or inserts the raw card details.

Tokenization replaces sensitive card details with non-reversible tokens, ensuring that the original data cannot be mathematically derived from the token. Encryption, while secure, retains the possibility of decryption with the appropriate key.

Tokens lack a direct correlation to the original data, minimizing the risk of exposure. Even if intercepted, tokens hold no intrinsic value without access to the tokenization system. Encrypted data might be vulnerable if decryption keys are compromised.

Tokenization significantly shrinks the scope of PCI compliance by replacing sensitive data with tokens that have no exploitable value, easing regulatory burdens compared to encryption.

Token management is often simpler compared to encryption key management and complex decryption processes. Centralized control within tokenization systems streamlines data security management.

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Tokenization and detokenization workflows encompass:

Outbound requests

Sending requests to partners for tokenizing credit card details or transmitting requests with tokenized credit card information.

Inbound requests

Receiving partner requests with tokenizable credit card details or providing detokenized credit card data to partners.


Human interfaces facilitating the collection of card details for tokenization or displaying detokenized card details to your partners.

PCI Booking offers an array of tools, features, and services tailored to support and optimize these distinct workflows, addressing your unique business needs.

Enhance Data Security With PCI Booking’s Tokenization Solutions

Let PCI Booking’s robust tokenization and detokenization services fortify your data security, take you out of PCI scope, and ensure unparalleled protection for your business. Connect with our experts today.