3D Secure Merchant Information Required

As we gear up to release 3D Secure services to our clients, we need to discuss some “back office” information needed for 3DS authentication.

3DS authentication is a merchant-initiated activity. Similar to charging a card, an organization needs to be registered with an acquirer as a “merchant” in order to perform these actions.

This means that in order to perform 3D Secure authentication on cards processed through PCI Booking, PCI Booking will need to provide the 3DS provider the relevant merchant information for the entity performing the 3D Secure authentication.

In order to help our clients and make the deployment more streamlined, PCI Booking will be registered as the default merchant for processing 3DS on cards tokenized in our system. However, we strongly recommend that you provide us with your merchant information so that we can use those when submitting 3DS authentication requests on your behalf. Doing so will have the following benefits:


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