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PCI Booking introduces new feature: Credit Card Risk Assessment

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Underscoring its commitment to ensuring safe and secure credit card transactions, PCI Booking is delighted to announce Credit Card Risk Assessment, an instant and reliable solution for identifying potentially fraudulent transactions.

With data breaches becoming more frequent, merchants must approach transactions with a certain level of caution. Detecting signs of fraud is critical in prevention of costly credit card chargebacks.

Through analysis of data gathered upon transaction completion, Credit Card Risk Assessment scans for known characteristics of credit card fraud. A core component of Credit Card Risk Assessment, risk scoring, provides the customer with a value that corresponds with various levels of vigilance required.

Customers determine how best to proceed after receiving a risk assessment rating, which ranges from Very High Risk to Very Low Risk.

Complete list of risk result levels:

  • Very High Risk – Use of an anonymous proxy server, or a discrepancy between billing address, card issuer and IP address
  • High Risk – Mismatch detected between billing address and credit card issuer country
  • Low Risk – Transaction originating from location different to card issuing country
  • Very Low Risk – Billing address, IP address and card issuer country all agree

As a recommended workflow, once cards have been tokenized via the card capture page, a risk assessment request should be sent to the PCI Booking Risk Assessment service. Based on the results, customers decide if the card should be stored and payment processed or a rejection message displayed back to the traveler.

For more details, please visit the dedicated product page.

Review Credit Card Risk Assessment API documentation.