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Improving Load Balancing in Gateway

As part of our efforts to constantly improve the PCI Booking offer, we have been busy developing a range of improvements for the Gateway feature that both strengthen performance and reduce the required level of customer interaction with the Gateway.

The main change is, instead of providing direct IP addresses of the server(s) hosting the customer’s Gateway endpoints, we will now provide one CNAME record to be set by the customer into their DNS records.

Setting up the Gateway in this configuration will support and allow the following:
1. The customer will only need to set one DNS record per endpoint to direct the endpoint URL to the CNAME URL.
2. The CNAME URL will direct traffic to a load balancer and high availability system within PCI Booking. This will allow us to reach 99.99% uptime in our Gateway availability.
3. Changing / adding Gateway servers will now be done “behind the scenes” with no affect or involvement from the customer.

We welcome any queries or feedback you may have on these Gateway updates, and our support team can be contacted here