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Card Over The Phone

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Successfully remaining PCI compliant requires attention across all methods of accepting payment card data, including telephone. To facilitate telephone bookings, PCI Booking has developed Card Over The Phone.

Card Over The Phone enables merchants to remain fully PCI DSS compliant while accepting payment details from customers over telephone calls. This is achieved by removing the requirement for customers to verbally communicate their card details. Instead, a card capture page is accessed through a shared link delivered via SMS or email, which is then completed by the customer themselves.

Implementation of Card Over The Phone, in place of the current system of verbal communication, allows merchants to remain PCI compliant without worrying about the PCI compliance issues – some of which that are unique to telephone payment. Such issues include the recording and storage of customer calls, plus the protection of details taken. Compliance is achieved through storage of sensitive payment card data on PCI Booking servers.

Learn more about Card Over The Phone on our dedicated product page.

Also, see our technical documentation for more information regarding integration.