Securely accept payment information over the phone

Card By Link allows businesses to accept, store and process card information from customers via a phone call while also meeting the rigorous compliance requirements.


Protect Payment Information

Accepting payment information verbally over the phone is an area of numerous compliance headaches and potential risks. Card By Link meets all required standards and protects you from risk


Payment Information Masked

By entering payment information in a secure payment form, the customers’ sensitive payment information is securely hidden. Additional processing can be done on the card token without ever viewing the card details.


Remove unease

Allow customers to take control of the payment process and remove any unease about sharing their payment details with an unknown person.

Telephone payment security finally catches up

As merchants move further into the digital world, more and more of customers’ information is being stored “in the cloud”. While there are many solutions designed to protect the merchant’s online presence, the world of telephony-based credit card payments has not changed and merchants still collect credit card information from customers over insecure phone lines.

Sumbit details via secure payment page

Concerns regarding telephoney-based card payments have become so common that the organization who oversees credit card security standards – the PCI SSC – recently highlighted the dangers, and the steps needed to resolve said dangers, that are now facing merchants who accept card information during phone calls. These challenges are resolved through the use of Card By Link. 

Card By Link gives merchants the ability to send a link to a secure page to their customers; and gives customers the responsibility of entering sensitive information directly. Thus protecting the card details and the merchants when processing a transaction over the phone.

For card capture pages shared through SMS there is an additional cost for each SMS sent, which varies by country.

How does Card By Link work?

1. Call Initiated

Call between merchant and card holder is initiated.

2. Data Collection

Merchant collects all non-secure data (personal details, reservation details, etc.).

3. Data Entry

Merchant enters contact details required (email or phone number).

4. Message Sent

Message that includes a link to branded card capture page is sent to customer.

5. Submit

Customer enters card details and submits complete form to the merchant.

6. Stored

The card is stored in PCI Booking. The merchant is notified the card is stored and receives the card token.

7. Process

Merchant processes the card based on custom workflow (charge, pre-authorize, save to e-wallet, view details and much more).