Streamlining tokenization workflow for those with multiple third party partners

Universal Tokenization

Working with multiple partners is undoubtedly a positive business move due to the increased property exposure and probability of booking all available rooms. One caveat, however, is in order to access reservation details you must integrate with each partner you work with separately.

This can prove to be a somewhat cumbersome, timely and complicated task due to each third-party requesting slightly different access information, before returning their own customised form that is also required to be interpreted differently. On top of this, data returned contains credit card details, which puts you out of PCI compliance.

To counteract this, PCI booking has developed the Universal Tokenization, a service which includes integrations with various providers such as Booking.com, Expedia and many others. Universal Tokenization gives customers one integration point with dozens of third party providers, all of which contain their own card tokenization profiles to ensure that you remain out of scope.


How Universal Tokenization works

  • Customer looks up the list of supported third party providers in PCI Booking’s Universal Tokenization.
  • Customer submits a request to PCI Booking with their individual information related to the specific third party (authentication, message, etc).
  • PCI Booking sends the request to the third party to tokenize all valid cards and mask the response before relaying back to the customer.

All that is needed is to tell us where you are requesting information from, we do the rest.

See our technical documentation for more information and to retrieve a complete list of all supported third-parties.

Supported Implementations

WuBook White
Vertical Booking

If you would like PCI Booking to add a specific integration, please email sales@pcibooking.net