Secure, bidirectional communication channel between online bookers and properties


With PCI Messaging it is easy for those without a dedicated booking engine to both manage online bookings through our dedicated Portal and share card data with suppliers in a PCI compliant format.

Information relevant to the entire reservation process is securely transferred as part of complete messaging sets, including booking, cancellation, modification, confirmation, decline, virtual card update and eFolio information.



Sending PCI compliant messages between locations is straightforward and flexible. For properties registered on the PCI Portal, messages can be accessed and reviewed within the Portal itself. Alternatively, for properties not registered, PCI Booking sends reservation messages via PCI compliant fax.

Messages sent via fax incur a small fee, details of which can be downloaded using the link below. 


PCI Booking offers tools for a complete message delivery automation – from callbacks to notify on message status changes and polling for message status, to timeout settings to cancel a message that was not retrieved in a timely manner and to the use of eFolio for compiling all reservation details.


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