Card Capture

Orchestra by PCI Booking is a payment gateway agnostic service.

Simply meaning, all credit card processing and handling is complete on our system before being sent to your payment processor – or even IF it is sent to your payment processor. This also means that you can mix and match actions based on your specific workflow and needs – irrespective of what actions you would like to perform with the card.

Orchestra Card Capture

The Orchestra Card Capture service allows you to create your own card capture form – complete with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – and host it in our vault. Then you can embed your form, hosted by our system, as an iframe in your site.

The form can be set to perform any action that you need, in the order that you need it and in the scenarios that you need it – from the basic operation to collect the card details, to card validation, 3D Secure authentication, payment processing and tokenizing the card.

You set which actions you need to perform and then your app calls the different actions – in order that you define and the number of times that you define – based on your own logic.