Our Universal PCI Payment Gateway

by PCI Booking | November 3, 2022

There are many reasons a merchant needs to use multiple payment gateways. Supporting multiple payment gateways can reduce transaction cost, increase processing success, and give you the option of using a local payment gateway for international transactions.

Whatever the case may be, PCI Booking’s Universal Payment Gateway can help. Our PCI Payment Gateway is a secure, universal gateway solution that lets you instantly add support for new payment gateways. Integrate our systems once and have the flexibility to add new payment gateways forever.

What Is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway API is the technology that transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer before transmitting payment acceptance or decline back to the customer. Payment gateways are responsible for validating customer card details, ensuring availability of funds, and letting merchants get paid.

Payment gateways are an interface between a merchant’s website and the final acquirer. Gateways are responsible for acquiring and transmitting sensitive payment details, then passing them securely to the bank through a merchant.

Think of a payment gateway as the middleman between the customer and merchant. As a middleman, gateways are responsible for making sure that transactions are processed correctly and that cardholder data is kept secure.

What Is Our Universal Payment Gateway?

PCI offers universal payment gateway integration that includes instant support for other payment gateways. This PCI-compliant solution secures your payment information in our servers and prepares it for delivery to any payment gateway. Our solution gives you access to a wide selection of gateways that streamlines your payment processing while locking down confidential customer data.

Our PCI Payment Gateway solves payment routing too. Not only does having a wide variety of gateways simplify efficient transaction routing, but it boosts transaction success, grows your business, and makes PCI compliance simple.

How Our Universal PCI Payment Gateway Can Help Your Business

Our PCI Payment Gateway can help your business:

Ensure Continuity

Approximately 50% of payment gateways experienced over 10 outages in 2019, with each outage having a median duration of 3.3 hours. If you rely on a single payment gateway, that’s 3.3 hours your business loses to process non-cash transactions. Needless to say, this could have disastrous consequences. While failing to process transactions hurts your bottom line, it also hurts your customer service and your business’s reputation.

Take the perspective of a customer—what would you think if you were working with a business whose entire payment network was down for hours on end? This continuity failure kills capital and paints your business as unprofessional.

Setting up multiple payment gateways means you’ll always have an alternative routing option. Looking for easy access to dozens of gateways? Our PCI Payment Gateway can help.

Increase Payment Success

Declined payments can be devastating, especially for businesses with intricate, hard-to-repair networks like travel and hospitality. Declined payments impact your business negatively in many ways, including:

  • Decreased Revenue
  • Lower Customer Loyalty
  • Stunted Business Growth
  • Minimized Net Profit

Using multiple payment gateways reduces the chance of declined payments. Payment gateways determine which transaction to approve based on multiple factors, including:

  • Industry
  • Card Type
  • Card Issuing Bank
  • Cross Border Type
  • Transaction Type

Each payment gateway weighs these factors differently. Where one payment gateway may prioritize checking whether a transaction is cross border, another may instead emphasize the card issuing bank associated with the transaction. This is why incorporating numerous payment gateways is important. If one gateway rejects a transaction, you can simply turn to another gateway that will accept it without issue.

Studies have found a clear variance in payment gateway success. You may want to choose the payment gateway with the highest success rate—but no single gateway has a universally higher rate. The best way to make sure your payments are successfully processed is with our PCI Payment Gateway. This solution guarantees successful payment processing by letting you reroute any transaction. It also locks down your clients’ credit card data with tokenization and other security techniques.

Optimize Routing

A universal payment solution doesn’t just increase success rates—it makes transactions more efficient. Access to multiple payment gateways opens up smart routing options for your business. These solutions are algorithmically driven routing procedures that can adjust a payment route in real time. Dynamic routing increases transaction success rates, minimizes payment latency, and helps your business avoid exchange rates or transaction fees.

A good dynamic routing solution needs a variety of payment gateways to pull from. The best way to access a huge number of reliable payment gateways is with our universal PCI Payment Gateway.

Grow International Sales

It’s rare to find a single payment gateway that supports every type of currency. If your business regularly does business with global clients, a universal payment gateway is key to increasing transaction success.

Outside of transaction success, you want to offer customers payment gateways that work for them. Studies show that 30% of potential customers will abandon a purchase if it’s priced only in U.S. dollars, and 92% prefer paying in their local currency. If your company regularly deals with a wide range of currencies, look to our PCI Payment Gateway. We’ll keep your business’s transactions successful for you and convenient for customers.

What Industries Benefit From Our PCI Payment Gateway?

Our universal payment gateway increases any business’s payment success rate, though there are a few industries that benefit from it in particular. We strongly recommend the PCI Payment Gateway for the following industries:

Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industries have complex payment networks that regularly deal with international clients and currencies. Our universal payment solution simplifies these networks and avoids exchange rates that impact your bottom line.

Our PCI Payment Gateway can even help with another key element: service. Seamless payments make international clientele feel valued—and the easiest way to get seamless payments is with PCI.

Car Rentals

Car rental companies deal with credit card payments that span countries and regions, especially in dense continents like Europe. Our PCI Payment Gateway is perfect for building a list of merchants that can meet any client’s currency needs.

Software Providers

Software providers that offer a solution that allows their customers to process credit card payments. Such software providers need to support multiple payment gateways around the world based on the requirements of their customers, which in turn requires endless integrations with multiple providers. Our Universal Payment Gateway offers software providers a way to integrate once and have access to any payment gateway they need to offer their customers.

Businesses That Deal With Credit Cards

Any business that deals with high-volume credit card purchases can benefit greatly from our universal payment gateway solution. Even a modest increase of 2% greater transaction approval rates translates to a major increase for your sales numbers.

Our Supported Payment Gateways:

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