Payment Orchestration

Other payment orchestration companies focus on how the card is charged and combine all the details. PCI Booking’s payment orchestration platform views payment flow as a complete process from start to finish.

Customize Your Process With Our Payment Orchestration Platform

PCI Booking isn’t like other orchestration companies. We look at payment flow as a complete process, including getting the card from the customer, collecting the data, securely storing the information, authenticating the details, charging the card, and receiving the information from the payment processor. With Orchestra, our credit card payment API-based service, you get a complete, customizable payment flow process that allows you to arrange the order of your payment pieces to your liking.

Benefits of Our Payment Orchestration API

With our payment orchestration API, you get all the features you need for payment flow with one seamless integration. The order of these payment features is fully customized by you. When you use our credit card payment API-based service, we take care of everything while allowing you to design your own custom payment flow, from capture and validation to storage and charge.

With our flexible, scalable, and all-encompassing platform, you can also:

Streamline Integrated Payment Processing

With Orchestra’s integrated payment processing layer, your merchants can work with multiple payment service providers (PSPs) in your region or another location—and you only have to integrate once. Our payment orchestration platform makes it easy for your merchants to use an alternative payment method if a customer requests one without connecting to a third-party provider through a different API, streamlining your integrated payment processing.

Access a Variety of Payment Preferences

Another advantage of PCI Booking’s payment orchestration API is that it gives your merchants access to various payment preferences. As business needs change, customers can add multiple payment methods to their e-commerce sites, service platforms, and online marketplaces. Orchestra’s flexible payment preference feature is an ideal solution for businesses that offer several ways for customers to pay.

Boost Scalability

The payment industry is constantly evolving, pushing merchants to scale their businesses by finding the most seamless way for their customers to pay for products and services. With our payment orchestration API, your customers can connect with multiple PSPs through a single integration instead of connecting with providers separately.

Customize Payment Flow

Developing your own custom payment flow is difficult and requires multiple providers and steps. With PCI Booking’s payment orchestration platform, you can create a custom payment flow that allows you to pick and choose your features and processes to match specific market needs. Merchants can also use Orchestra to customize payment flows based on different markets, geographies, and regulatory requirements.

Decrease Payment Processing Costs

Your growing business likely needs multiple payment gateways to expand, but implementation and maintenance costs add up fast. With our payment orchestration API, you can add support for new payment gateways instantly—and you only have to integrate once, which minimizes the payment processing costs that come with implementing multiple gateways separately.

Access Data Securely and Seamlessly

With our payment orchestration platform, you can view, access, and share data with relevant entities securely and seamlessly. You can also track and report the data so merchants can review their business operations and make improvements based on real-time analytics. 

Prevent Costly Chargebacks

Our payment orchestration API helps you prevent credit card fraud that results in costly chargebacks for the cardholder. With Orchestra’s risk assessment validation on captured credit card data, you can avoid customer chargebacks—and a damaged reputation—by intercepting potential fraudulent transactions before payment processing.

Search for Specific Data Securely

Credit card details have a lot of information behind them, from the card brand to where it was issued, making it difficult to keep track of specific data when you need it. PCI Booking’s payment orchestration platform allows you to search for specific card details with Orchestra’s meta search services. With meta search, you can securely locate specific card brands, where the card was issued, and more.

Store Sensitive Data Securely

Our payment orchestration API is also equipped with tokenization as an add-on service. With Orchestra’s tokenization feature, you can store any sensitive data securely as a token to prevent hackers from accessing it. This service works by allowing you to store our tokens in your system while the original sensitive data is safely encrypted and stored in our vault.

The Sky's the Limit With Our Payment Orchestration API

With Orchestra, your payment flow organization can reach new heights. Connect with one of our payment integration experts today to learn more about our flexible credit card payment API.

Making Payment Orchestration Music to Your Ears

With PCI Booking’s Orchestra API, we make payment orchestration music to your ears by handling the payment flow process from start to finish. Our payment integration experts know that an efficient flow process isn’t just about getting the right information to process the payment—it’s about giving you the ability to pick and choose the features and processes you need for your business. With Orchestra, you can arrange the order of the pieces you like however you want. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible and scalable payment orchestration platform.


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